The “Permaculture Convergence – Portugal in Transition” is being organized by Câmara Municipal do Fundão in collaboration with a group of people from Fundão and Covilhã. This group has elements connected to Permaculture and/or Transition initiatives, which have been working together and voluntarily to make this convergence come true:

Ana Carlos| Bárbara Leite| Elisabete Alexandre | Emma Cowan | Georges Mendes | Manuel Lourenço | Marc Ballhause | Margarida Sousa | Nuno Donato 

We have been in contact with several people connected to permaculture, transition initiatives… from across Portugal so that we can create an inclusive event, that shows the state of Permaculture in Portugal.


Photo: Local gathering in Fundão – ‘Mapping who we are and our relation with Permaculture’, June 2014