Call for presentations

The Permaculture convergence is issuing a “request for presentations/activities” from interested participants who would like to make a presentation, demonstration, workshop, hands-on activitie, etc. at the Convergence.

Please send us an email  to (it can be in english), outlining your proposal, with the title, a small abstract and a little about your biography, please see below:

Call for proposals- Untill 16th of August

Send to:
Topic/Title of the proposal:
Blog/Website (if applicable):
Format and time (indicate what is the format that applies to your activity – see more detailed information below): 1-Presentation; 2- Topics/ questions for the World Café, Kitchen Table, OST; 3- Permaculture Workshops 4- Traditional hands on workshop 5- Posters.
Description of the proposal (to be included in the blog/ convergence ‘book’): Max. 300 words
Biography (to be included in the blog/ convergence ‘book’): Max. 150 words
Materials/conditions necessary (if applicable): Example: electricity, water, tools, sound, etc.


Photo: PDC Quinta dos Sete Nomes.

We accept proposals for:

  1. Presentations of:

Permaculture (projects, education, research, etc): 10 or 20 minutes
Transition (initiatives, projects, etc): 10 or 20 minutes
Intentional Communities related with permaculture: 10 or 20 minutes
Local projects (Cova da Beira) that seek to follow the principles of permaculture: 5 minutes
Local economy: 10 or 20 minutes
Cooperatives related with permaculture: 10 or 20 minutes

  1. Topics/questions for (lenght: 2h45 minutes):

Word Café
Kitchen Table
Open space Talks (OST)

With this brainstorming community tools the participant has the opportunity to discuss their main interests with other people /expertises during the Convergence. The proposer of the topic should say if he would like to facilitate the discussion or if the organization needs to provide a facilitator. The topics can also be proposed during the Convergence. However we will give priority to the topics/questions sent before the event.

  1. Permaculture workshops (lenght: 2h45 minutes)

Practical permaculture workshops will be happening in Quinta do Convento (“Sometimes it’s necessary to put the hands in the soil!”). Example: Natural building, herb spirals, etc.

Activities for children. These activities will happen during Friday and/or Saturday mornings (9h-12h30)

  1. Traditional hands-on workshops (lenght: 2h)

Examples: natural soaps, natural cosmetics, seeds, medicinal plants, handamade toys, etc.

  1. Posters

Projects related to permaculture, transition, communities, local economy, etc. can be presented during the Convergence in poster and they will be exposed permanently throughout the event. We recommend A1 size poster.

1º ajudada-covilhãemtransição

Photo: Permablitiz, Covilhã em Transição initiative.


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