Program Schedule

The Convergence program is organized according to the three ethic principles of Permaculture: “Care for the Earth, Care for People, Return of Surplus to Earth and people” (also called “Fair Share”).

The first day is focused on “Care for the EARTH (24th Oct, Friday), on the second day   (25thOct, Saturday) the main subject will be  PEOPLE and on Sunday (26th Oct) the main topic will be SURPLUS. 

In this section we present the general structure of the Permaculture Convergence program that we intend to follow.
However, since we are promoting participatory ways of co-creating the program, probably the final program will be slightly different

We accept proposals of activities for the Convergence program, up until 16th of August. Feel free to participate.


Note: On Thursday night we will have a pre-Convergence cultural event.
During Friday and Saturday morning we will have activities for children (parents are also welcome!) related to Permaculture, in Quinta do Convento.