Program Schedule of the Portuguese Permaculture Convergence

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The Convergence program is organized according to the three ethic principles of Permaculture: “Care for the Earth, Care for People, Return of Surplus to Earth and people” (also called “Fair Share”).

The first day is focused on “Care for the EARTH (24th Oct, Friday), on the second day   (25thOct, Saturday) the main subject will be  PEOPLE and on Sunday (26th Oct) the main topic will be SURPLUS.

Please nottice that at this moment we do not have volunteers to make translation from portuguese to english of all the activities  – we are still working on this subject!

Care for the Earth, Friday – 24 October


Soils: Lesley Martin (in English)
Agroforestry and Permaculture applied in Herdade Freixo do Meio (400ha): Alfredo Sendim
Keyline system: Carlos Simões and Catarina Joaquim
5 Design centuries for water and soil in rocky celive of Chão Sobral: João Gonçalves


Permaculture hands-on workshops

1– Guided tour to the intentional community Monte dos Carvalhos (community garden, raised beds, natural building, water harvesting, etc). Check video here. Number maximum of participants, please register before the convergence:
 2- Herb spiral (introduction to permaculture):Horta FC-UL. Number maximum of participants, please register before the convergence:
3 – Mandala garden according to byodinamic and permaculture design : Henrique Bastos with the participation of Manuel Vicente. Number maximum of participants, please register before the convergence.
4 – The path of Observation – Finding ourselves in Nature’: Laura Maitz-Williams. (In english) Number maximum of participants, please register before the convergence:
5 – Natural and sustainable beekeeping: Harald Hafner
6 – Landscape interpretation according to keyline system
7 – Wild plants trekking: Rita Roquette

Opening of the Open Space Technology and Circle convergence: “Care for the Earth” André Carvalho.
Activities with the National Metting of Beekeeping (happening at the same time in Fundão):
Launching of the Beekeeping Savers Network
Honey National Market: Free entrance during all weekend

Posters at the Convergence
Bzzz bzz bzzz I am a bee: Andreia Albernaz Valente / Apis Domus
Quinta Ecológica da Moita – A living Lab in Aveiro: Ana Jervis Cunha / Quinta Ecológica da Moita

Artistic Pannel of The Permaculture Convergence: Pralahd Alegria and all the participants, during all weekend

Care for The People, Saturday – 25 of October


4 concurrent sessions:

Session I – Permaculture
European permaculture teachers’ partnership
Permaculture Diploma in Portuguese – A design for a learning in action: Mirka Hlavacova and Vera Filipa Ripley

Session II – Transition
The transition movement at local, national and international level – a learning, support and collaboration network: Annelieke Sluijs e Filipa Pimentel
Aveiro in Transition and holistic education projects: Ana Jervis Cunha, Jenny Tavares Silva and Jason Baker
Madeira in Transition: Manuel Vicente

Session III – Intentional communities/eco-villages
Community experiences: Yassine Benderra & Joana Castro
Eco-community Mont of Oaks: Márcia Luz
Eco-community Casa Santa Isabel: Fritz Wessling
Xisto Villages: Rui Simões

Session IV – Awakened projects – concious future: Awakened Life project

After the coffee-break

3 concurrent sessions:

Session V– Permacultura
Permaculture for educators: Sílvia Floresta
Introduction to Perma-apiculture of Oscar Perone: Duarte Alvim
30 years of byodinamic and permaculture design experience in several regions of Portugal and Europe: Henrique Bastos
Vale da Lama project: André Carvalho

Session VI – Transition | Permaculture
From ITT to Viver Telheiras: a Transition – Luís Pereira and Filipe Matos
Families in transition: Fernando Oliveira and family, Linda-a-Velha em Transição
Casa Verde na Serra – The permaculture in our life and in Serra do Açor: Mónica Barbosa and João Gonçalves
Childrens’ Land: Yassine Benderra and Joana Castro

Session VII– Awakened projects – concious future: Awakened Life project (second part)


Concurrent sessions:
Open Space Technology with the suggestions/questions of the participants: André Carvalho.
Food and abundance: organized by Coimbra in Transition with Manuel Vicente, prossumidores coop (Madeira); Patrícia, Africa das Joaninhas (Alpiarça/Quinta do Luzio – Janas, Sintra) (to be confirmed); Hugo Dunkel, Projecto Local (Porto); Sónia Ribeiro e Telma Batista, projecto PROVE (Linda-a Velha) (to be confirmed); Duarte Gonçalves (Awakened life project); and more people see
Mandala garden according to byodinamic and permaculture design workshop (second part). Henrique Bastos. Number maximum of participants, please register before the convergence:
Permaculture from inside to outside: Filipa Santos. Number maximum of participants, please register before the convergence:
Afro Tribal Dance workshop: Ceiba permacultura (1h30)
Circle Convergence: “Care for the People” – Mirka Hlavacova
Open Meeting of the Portuguese Transition Initiatives: Transition National Portuguese HUB
Dinner (Permaculture and Apiculture event)

Fair Share, Sunday – 26 of October

Concurrent sessions:

Session I – Permaculture related coops and companies
Vale da Sarvinda: Frederico Abreu
Timberbee: How to build a company that follows the permaculture principles? Miguel Leal
Coopérnico – Green energy, sustainability and citizenship

Session II: Local Economy
Troca a Tod@s (Local barter trading): Antónia Silvestre | Coolabora
Projecto Matriz – MatBag | Recyclable lunchbox: Virgínia Batista
Rotas e Raízes/Gesterra: Ricardo Nabais
Master Unit: Where to act? City and country side. Filippo Basso
Boa- coop community: Maria Nolasco

Session III – Permaculture
Book presentation: “Amoreiras, Permaculture for a Village”: André Vizinho, Filipa Santos e João Gonçalves
The Water Retention Landscape of Tamera – Landscape Healing and regenerative water management: Cristoph Ulbig – In English

Barter Trade “Fair Share” 
Trade of experiences, knowledge, ancient craft, workshops (W), etc.

Opening of the Barter Trade by the Convergir Network project: David Avelar
W1 – Soap Knowledge: Elisabete Sabão
W2 – Seeds conservation: Sílvia Floresta
W3 – Bees nests construction: Andreia Albernaz Valente. Number maximum of participants, please register before the convergence:
W4 – Trad&Arte – Tradition in Art: António Supico
W5 – Natural iogurt: Miguel Leal
W6 – Creative sewing : Projecto Matriz
W7 – Hidromel: Harald Hafnar
W8 – Introduction to Estrela Community Exchange: Steve Cassidy. In English

Social dinamycs: speed connecting, gifts for a next convergence…

Local and national Convergence: The path untill here, today and future… (with a shared pic-nic in this activity)

Folk European Dance: Alcina Cerdeira and Universidade Sénior do Fundão
16h00: Goodbye and have a nice trip!

During all program there will be activities for children, check the portuguese site (untill the age of twelve).



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