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Welcome to the first Permaculture Convergence in Portugal, that will take place in the city of Fundão from the 24th to the 26th of October, 2014!

This national meeting aims to be an inclusive weekend that will gather a great diversity of people and resources during three days to share experiences, knowledge, thoughts, projects, practical workshops… related to permaculture, transition, education, communities, research, natural building, alternative energies, art, health, etc. It offers the opportunity to get to know Permaculture on a holistic way, as well as the possibility to build a more visible and united portuguese Permaculture movement, contributing to the organization and expansion of networks.

The Convergence program is organized according to the three ethic principles of Permaculture: “Care for the Earth, Care for the People, Return of Surplus to Earth and people” (also called “Fair Share”). The first day is focused on “Care for the EARTH (24th Oct, Friday), on the second day   (25thOct, Saturday) the main subject will be  PEOPLE and on Sunday (26th Oct) the main topic will be SURPLUS.

This convergence will include workshops of permaculture, open space technology, fishbowl, presentations, guided tours, etc. Any person can propose an activity for the Convergence up until the 16th of August, more information here

Join us in this historic event!


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